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Mormon Church’s Biggest Problem is

Posted by JLFuller on July 11, 2008

Growth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints takes all of it’s leadership from within the congregation. There is no professional ministry pool from which to draw bishops, counselors, stake presidents and so forth. Usually, leaders have been members for years and have experienced all the various aspects of governing a ward (congregation) or stake (diocese). But phenomenal growth in places where the Church had little or no previous presence has created a dearth of qualified leadership schooled and experienced in administration duties and particularly the ecclesiastical and group leadership positions. Africa has seen explosive growth in the few years as nearly 200,000 Nigerians, Ghanaians, South Africans have become members. Three temples have been built to serve the burgeoning Mormon population in black Africa. South America, in particularly Brazil with its six temples, is another area of huge growth.  Fifteen temples are currently open and providing eternal blessings for the Saints of that continent.  


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